About Michael

Left to right: Me, my fiancée Lainee, and my cousin Zac on a hike in Vermont

Here’s what I’m passionate about:

Solving problems.

In all of the positions I’ve held in my career, that is how I approached my role: professional problem-solver.

That’s one of the things that attracted me to development - it is problem solving at its most explicit. A computer does exactly what you tell it to do, no more, no less. It does not make assumptions or judgements. All you have to do is figure out exactly how to tell the computer what you want it to do, but to do that, you first have to figure out exactly what you want it to do.

I thrive with a team that nurtures a growth mindset, and I love to ask questions almost as much as I love answering them. I’m a great equalizer; I love learning from others, and I love teaching what I’ve just learned, spreading knowledge among a team.

I currently live with my amazing fiancée Lainee, our dog Daisy, and our cat Mowgli, in Richmond, VA.